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We have aligned ourselves with some of the most prestigious manufacturers of heating and cooling products in North America, providing the best home comfort equipment to our customers. Our heating and cooling products, combined with service plans and warranties, ensure the ultimate client satisfaction.

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Our Partners and Products

ARROW Heating & Cooling is the authorized dealer of many worldwide respected companies such as Tempstar, Slant/Fin, Armstrong, Coleman, KeepRite, Goodman, Honeywell and others.

Arrow is proud to say that we are a Premier provider of the full line of Slant/Fin boiler installations and service.


The computer-aided design of Galaxy’s heat exchanger maximizes the transfer of heat from the flame to the water in your heating system.

The flue passage design, thermal pin pattern and consistent wall thickness of each casting ensure uniform heat transfer and reduced thermal strain which prolongs the life of the castings.

Durable metal push nipples expand and contract with the individual boiler sections that they connect. No flimsy gaskets that may deteriorate and leak. Many of our customers have good SLANT/FIN boilers still in operation after 30 plus years


With its outstanding design and price/performance ratio, the Vitodens 100-W is the perfect mix of performance and value.

Its compact design, zero clearance to combustibles and extremely quiet operation make the Vitodens 100-W an ideal choice even in the smallest of spaces.

Plus, with a limited residential lifetime warranty, you can be sure your investment will deliver long-lasting value year after year.


The Laars boilers range from the reliable, Mini-Therm with compact design to the Mascot LX. The Mini-Therm has sizes from 50-225 BTU per hour at 85% AFUE efficiency.

The Mascot LX is a stylish, intelligently designed, combination boiler & water heater. Its 95% plus efficiency lowers operating costs and the “zero clearance installation” allows it to fit just about anywhere.

Laars warranties are up to 20 years on the heat exchangers and two years on parts.

Why Go Tankless?

A tankless water heater provides gallons of performance, cost savings, and space-savings.

We carry several brands of Condensing Tankless Water Heaters:

You can simply have the best quality tankless water heaters on the market at competitive prices.


Our Tankless Water Heaters have the highest efficiency in the industry, up to 98% efficiency. When the water stops, the water heater shuts down and uses no energy, a titanic advantage over tank-style heaters.

This allows you to take advantage of the low operating costs and receive the best payback when compared with conventional tank-type water heaters. Condensing Tankless Water Heaters offer safety and an unlimited supply of hot water. You can enjoy hot water for as long as you want it, when-ever you want it.


Tankless water heater occupies approximately 90% less space than a tank-type water heater. In addition, they can mount on the wall to give you more floor space.

Extended Life with stainless steel heat exchangers, providing up to 4.5 times longer life-expectancy. Tankless water heaters have a 20-year typical life span which is up to twice as long as standard tanks.

For Residential homes we have up to 15-year warranties on the heat exchanger with 5 years on other parts and the famous ARROW One Year Labour on all installations.

Arrow Heating & Cooling has been installing tankless water heaters in our customers homes for many years with the same great service.


There is a new ARROW installed gas furnace that is just right for you.

The RUUD U96V has a two-stage operation that offers a more consistent indoor environment keeping cold spots to a minimum.

The two-stage heating design primarily operates on low-speed, only temporarily switching to high during peak cold-weather conditions.


Tempstar F96VTN is a reliable two-stage operation and variable-speed blower provide enhanced temperature control for your comfort.

The variable-speed blower also means you’ll enjoy better summer dehumidification as your furnace works with your cooling unit to help pull moisture out of the air.

The No Hassle Replacement limited warranty assures you of continued comfort. You get a replacement unit if a major component (the compressor, coil or heat exchanger) should fail during the coverage period. Ask your dealer for details.


The Napoleon 9600 Series Gas Furnace is one of the most stylish and efficient furnaces on the market. Available with either a two-stage variable speed EnerSave Plus motor, or EnerSave Pro motor, Napoleon’s 9600 Series furnace will meet all your heating needs.

The 9600 Series uses the first, low-fire stage for greater efficiency throughout the heating season. During colder days, the furnace automatically switches to the high fire, second stage to produce additional heat for your home.

This effective two stage system is like having two furnaces in one. Napoleon’s superior engineering and design guarantees consistent and comfortable temperatures throughout your home for many winters to come. With the 9600 Series furnace, you’ll forget it’s winter.


The Ameristar M952V up to 97% AFUE two-stage (better temperature control and quieter operation) for the level of comfort and efficiency you require.

Variable speed indoor systems maintain constant and consistent airflow that improves comfort and efficiency in your home. M95V2 models meet EnergyStar requirements.


ECMs (Electronically Commutated Motors) manufactured today are the best they’ve ever been, and can provide unprecedented airflow delivery to match the required BTUH of a heating and/or cooling system.

When a furnace or air handler with an ECM is installed on a good duct, coil, and filtration system with static pressures within proper design parameters, it can perform flawlessly. These systems can deliver precise airflow to match two-speed condenser designs and multi-stage gas furnace firing rates to deliver quiet, draft-free comfort in virtually any configuration.


There is a new ARROW installed air conditioner that is just right for you.

The Ruud UA17 Achiever Plus® Series Air Conditioner is designed to operate with the EcoNet® Smart Thermostat. This easy-to-use thermostat optimizes system performance and includes great features like:

• Simple scheduling and one-touch energy savings

• Remote access via the EcoNet App

• Important equipment alerts sent directly to your phone or email

• Convenient voice control – just ask “Alexa, make home cooler”

The Two-Stage Copeland Scroll UltraTech compressor provides more precise temperature control and humidity levels for increased comfort.


When you choose Tempstar TSA6 cooling equipment, you’re choosing dependability and innovation in home comfort. We are proud to give you the latest in engineering and technology.

Each unit is 100% run tested, and we design our products to give you the best in quality, energy efficiency and reliability. We take pride in surpassing your expectations and delivering quality you can feel.


Napoleon air conditioners 16 Seer are made with modern fan blade technology. The unique swept shape of the blades makes Napoleon air conditioners quiet as they efficiently provide increased air flow.

With quality and longevity in mind, Napoleon’s swept fan blades are made with a plated steel hub and aluminum blades for long lasting durability.


Ameristar M4AC3 13 SEER units are Painted, galvanized steel cabinets resist rust and stand up to weather. Units operate quietly, with a maximum sound level of 76 decibels. The compact design and small footprint are ideal for homeowners with limited yard space.


No two environments are alike. Whether you spend time in a house, a condo, a cottage or even a small office, each design, each floor plan, and each room offers its own challenge to something as important as proper heating, air conditioning and circulation.

Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim systems are designed to adapt to these challenges. And even better, we offer more systems than ever that meet Energy Star standards. Reliable, easy to install, and extremely quiet, the revolutionary design and innovative technology of the Mr. Slim M-series are perfect for any situation.

Our systems can also provide excellent heating performance even when outdoor temperatures drop down to -25°C! As a premium heating and cooling system, Mr. Slim can operate ductless or be installed through modest concealed ductwork.

Either way, you can be sure to expect quiet operation and years of satisfaction.


The Napoleon NH25 Series Ductless Heat Pumps are the perfect addition to any home without ducting. Clean, sleek and easy to use, Napoleon’s NH25 Series will meet all your home comfort needs.

As a heat pump, Napoleon’s NH25 provides both heating and cooling comfort options. The NH25 easily switches between heating and cooling settings to maintain an even temperature in your home.


Ameristar ductless products have cooling capabilities at outdoor ambient temperatures as low as 0°F and heating capabilities at outdoor ambient temperatures as low as -13°F. Available in 9000, 12000, 18000, and 24000 BTUH models

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Beyond installation and expertise, our customers can select from a variety of quality heating and cooling products from the most prestigious manufacturers in the business.


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