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Arrow offers heating and air-conditioning services for both residential and commercial buildings. We carry a variety of top quality products that can be used either in the home, or in larger buildings and businesses. Regardless of your needs, Arrow can provide the most appropriate heating or air-conditioning product that is both efficient and cost-effective.



Reduce Energy Costs � Save Money
Thousands of homeowners are currently using old standard efficiency gas furnaces, even though they typically operate at only 60 % seasonal efficiency. This means that only 60% of the heat generated is used to heat your home. The other 40% goes up the chimney, meaning 40 cents of every dollar spent on heating is wasted.

Homeowners can reduce energy costs by converting to a new mid or high efficiency natural gas system. As your furnace efficiency increases, so does the money you save on your home heating bill.

You can save even more when you convert from oil or electric heating to clean, efficient natural gas, as it is the most economical and cleanest burning fossil fuel. The following chart demonstrates how much more homeowners are spending when they heat their homes with oil, electricity or propane:









Energy experts predict that natural gas will continue to be the most cost effective heating source throughout Canada in the future.

Arrow can convert or upgrade your heating system, helping you save money on your heating costs now and in years to come.


Air Conditioning

Just as a newer furnace runs more efficiently than an older one, a more recently installed central air conditioning device will help cut cooling costs.

Beyond installing top-quality cooling products into homes, Arrow offers our clients the benefit of professional expertise on how to get the most out of your air conditioner, without the high cost.

In addition, clients who opt for service plans and warranties will never have to worry about suffering through a heat wave. A professional team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can help rectify any emergency.


How does it work?

Central Air Conditioning devices are connected to the distribution system and cool on the same principle as a refrigerator. They remove heat from within a structure and release it outside.

For central air conditioning, ductwork is generally needed to carry the cool air throughout the house. If you have a forced air heating system, you can use the same ducts for cooling. If you have baseboard or hydronic system on the other hand, you can either install ductwork, or you can consider new air conditioning technologies developed for homes without ducts.


Ductless-Split Air Conditioner System

A ductless0split air conditioner system requires only a small hole in an outside wall to run lines for refrigerant and electricity between the indoor and outdoor unit and to drain the condensate, thus eliminating expensive renovation work for duct installation

The sleek, contemporary styling of the indoor unit allows for a stylish appearance and easy cleaning. Models with wireless remote control give you programmable time and temperature control and allow you to take total control of your comfort.

A ductless split air conditioner is similar to a central system because the compressor is outdoors and a major benefit that the ductless system offers is zone control, which results in energy savings. Only the energy to meet the load demand of each room or zone is required at any time. It is unlike a window unit, because there is no unsecured window with an air conditioner in it, nor do you lose the use of a window for fresh air or for viewing. Best of all, you get maximum cooling and quiet comfort.

The ductless-split air conditioner system has virtually revolutionized indoor climate control for the home or office, because the flexibility and problem solving capabilities of this system limit the potential uses only to the imagination of the user.

Arrow can help you, through experience and knowledge, to decide on the right ductless comfort system for your home. Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality system best for your home at a most economical price.


Water Heaters

There is nothing more frustrating than running out of hot water. Hot water is a huge part of our daily routines. We use it for baths, showers, dishes and laundry. So it is important to ensure homeowners are using the most efficient and cost-effective water-heating solutions.

Arrow Heating specializes in keeping you in hot water, with or without having to purchase a water heater. ARROW offers these convenient options as an alternative to renting a water heater:

  • Lease to own with 10-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Outright purchase and installation with the option of an extended
     parts and labor plan.
  • Installation of your own water heater bought elsewhere.
  • For homes that have hydronic heating system, we can add a storage tank that uses the existing boiler to heat the hot water for domestic use.

Arrow carries a full line of standard and power vent water heaters. Standard water heaters are vented into a chimney. Where the use of chimney is not possible, power vent water heater can be an option. Power vent water heaters are vented to the outside through the wall usually with a 2" or 3" ABS pipe.


Arrow Clients receive the following advantages:

  • Free estimate and sizing.
  • Professional installation.
  • Prompt service.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Excellent warranty.


The relative humidity of the Sahara Desert is 25%; Death Valley is 23%. In the winter months, the average heated home can have a relative humidity as low as 13% to 16%. Relative humidity is the percentage of moisture in the air compared to its maximum capability to hold moisture under the same conditions.

Doctors have mentioned dry air as one of the causes for nose, throat, and other physical aggravations. Heated air dries out and shrinks wood framing around doors and windows.

Gaps will then occur, permitting cold outside air to infiltrate into the house. Heated, parched air causes separation of wood in floors, trim and furniture, wall and ceiling cracks, plant damage and annoying static shock. These are all by-products of dry air.


Proper humidity cuts heating costs by stopping wood shrinkage, which reduces cold air infiltration around door and window frames. In turn, you'll feel warmer at a lower temperature. You can actually dial down your thermostat and still be comfortable.

Arrow carries a wide variety of humidifiers such as the Aprilaire and Generalaire. You can have a choice of three types: standard drum-type, flow-through type and power humidifiers.


Bypass Humidifier Operation (flow-through)

The humidifier can be mounted on either the supply or return plenum. When the furnace operates, negative air pressure is created that draws air from the supply side of the furnace to the return side. This pressure draws the heated air past the moisture-treated water panel evaporator, providing comforting, humidified air throughout the home.


Power Humidifier Operation

The humidifier fan draws dry, heated air from the furnace duct through the water panel evaporator. The moisture-treated air then wraps around both sides of the water panel and returns through the side louvers into the furnace's airflow, providing comforting, humidified air to the entire home.