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We have aligned ourselves with some of the most prestigious manufacturers in North America, providing the best home comfort equipment to our customers. Here are some products we offer:



Boiler Systems


Arrow is Proud to say that we are a Premier provider of the full line of Slant/Fin® boiler installations and service.

The Slant/Fin® BobcatTM has created a major achievement in sealed combustion, condensing high efficiency 93% AFUE boiler. They are beautifully designed for better performance and smoothinstallation. These units allow for wall hung installation.The BobcatTM has two models capable of 4:1 modulation which provides  aninput range of 30,000 to 120,000 Btuh and 50,000 to 200,000 Btuh. The Slant/Fin® BobcatTM has a 12 year limited warranty with 5 year parts and labour warranty.


We also service and install Viessman® wall mounted condensing boilers, solar heating systems and indirect fired water tanks. The Viessman® Vitodens boilers are compact with up to 98 % efficiency and fully modulating in several sizes from 31,000 to 370,000 BTU per hour. Viessman® offers a limited lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger with 2 years on parts and labour.


The Laars® boilers range from the reliable, Mini-ThermTM with compact design to the Mascot II TM. The Mini-Therm has sizes from 50-225 BTU per hour at 85% AFUE efficiency. The Mascot II is a stylish, intelligently designed, combination boiler & water heater. Its 95% plus efficiency lowers operating costs and the "zero clearance installation" allows it to fit just about anywhere. Laars® warranties are up to 20 years on the heat exchangers and two years on parts.


Tankless (On-Demand) Water Heaters


Why Go Tankless?A tankless water heater provides gallons of performance, cost savings, and space-savings.

We carry several brands ofTankless Water Heaters(both Condensing and Non-condensing):

  • Navien®
  • John Wood® (Takagi®)
  • Baxi® and
  • Ranni®

You can simply have the best quality tankless water heaters on the market at competitive prices.
Our Tankless Water Heatershave the highest efficiency in the industry, up to 98% efficiency. When the water stops, the water heater shuts down and uses no energy, a titanic advantage over tank-style heaters.This allows you to take advantage of the low operating costs and receive the best payback when compared with conventional tank-type water heaters.Condensing Tankless Water Heaters offer safety and an unlimited supply of hot water.You can enjoy hot water for as long as you want it, when-ever you want it.

Tankless water heater occupies approximately 90% less space than a tank-type water heater. In addition, they can mount on the wall to give you more floor space.

Extended Life with stainless steel heat exchangers, providing up to4.5 times longer life-expectancy.Tankless water heaters have a 20 year typical life span which is up to twice as long as standard tanks. For Residential homeswe have warranties up to 15 years on the heat exchanger with 5 years on other parts and the famous ARROW One Year Labour on all installations.

Arrow Heating & Air Conditioning has been installingtanklesswater heaters in our customers� homes for many years with the same great service.

Gas Furnaces


We can help keep your home warm & comfortable


There is a new ARROW installed gas furnace that is just right for you.


The Frigidaire ®iQ Drive® Gas Furnace is a 97+% AFUE Fully Modulating Ultra High Efficiencyunit. It is the embodiment of comfort, convenience and quiet. It continuously adjusts its heat output to exactly match the needs of your home � so you maximize your energy efficiency while enjoying constant comfort. The Frigidaire ®warranty has 10 years on all parts when registered.If the heat exchanger fails within the first 10 years (when registered), or five years (not registered) they will replace the unit under the Frigidaire Quality Pledge program.


Tempstar® professionals take pride in bringing you the latest technology in home comfort, with the goal of surpassing your expectations in energy efficiency and dependability. Unlike single-stage furnaces�which heat up fast and shut-down fast, the TempstarSmartComfort� VS 95 delivers consistent heat and overall comfort. The two-stage system operates at low heat most of the time and automatically modulates to higher heat production if the temperature drops. The heat exchanger is covered with a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original homeowner, if the heat exchanger fails during the first 10 years, Tempstar® will replace the furnace.


The Coleman® Gas Furnace Echelon� Series is one of the highest rated gas furnaces in the industry (up to 98% AFUE). Coleman®proudly announced a Consumers Digest Award was designated to the Coleman® EchelonTM Series 33" modulating gas furnace. Every Echelon CP9C & CPLC gas furnace is backed with a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger and a 10 year limited warranty on all other parts.


The Goodman® GMVC95 Gas Furnace is covered by one of the best warranties in the home furnace industry. When selecting a gas furnace for your home, you are often searching to find the best combination for an ideal level of home comfort. You want to find a gas furnace that offers exceptional, dependable,and stable performance for many, many years. In addition to covering the heat exchanger with a Lifetime Limited Warranty to the original homeowner, if the heat exchanger fails during the first 10 years, Goodman® will replace the furnace.


  • The high efficiency fanscan operate continuously to improve indoor air quality. The variable speed motors can also help increase comfort by maximizing moisture removal during cooling or air conditioner operations.

Central Air Conditioning


We can help keep your home cool& comfortable


There is a new ARROW installed air conditioner that is just right for you.


Frigidaire ® has iQ Drive® Ultra High Efficiency units with up to 24.5 SEER ratings. With this system, you get more than just energy savings. The iQ Drive provides consistent comfort levels throughout your home by reducing your indoor humidity when you need it most. This equipment uses inverter rotary technology to achieve the highest efficiency level available today. They can condition the air perfectly at all times while using the least amount of energy. The Frigidaire ®warranty is 10 years on the compressor.If the compressorfails within the first 10 years,they will replace the unit under the Frigidaire Quality Pledge program.


The Tempstar® The two-stage scroll compressor operates most of the time at the quiet, lower stage. The cabinet features a powder-coat, baked-on finish for durability. The Energy-savings are up to 18 SEER ENERGY STAR efficiency standards. The premium Tempstar®warranty offers a 10 year No Hassle Replacement� limited warranty which to give you a replacement unit if the compressor or outdoor coil should fail within the first ten years.


The Coleman® comfort is yours all summer long with central air conditioner designed up to 18 SEER. When the air conditioner is properly matched with a furnace or air handler, you get maximum efficiency and longer system life.Every Coleman® system is backed with the best limited warranties available: Their standard warranty is 10 years on parts and the compressor. A 10 years parts and labour coverage can be purchased separately.The Premium system warranty is lifetime on the compressor with purchase of approved matching furnace or air handler and coil.


The Goodman ® Company has building quality air conditioning and heating equipment since 1982. Goodman® customers can be assured that their air conditioning and heating systems meet the highest industry standards and are installed by some of the best and most experienced professionals in the industry.  You don't have to choose between affordability, durability and optimum cooling comfort. Install a Goodman brand air conditioner and get all three. To receive lifetime compressor warranty for as long as you own your home. The 10-Year unit replacement warranty with online registration completed.


Ductless Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps


Let us help you keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


There is a new ARROW installed ductless systemthat is just right for you.


Fujitsu® has introduced 'Inverter' circuits which provide up to 16 SEER efficiency. Inverter circuits provide optimum power control and very efficient operation. As soon as the air conditioner energized, the inverter provides the power to rapidly cool the area. By combining two condensers and three evaporators, we can create a total of nine different zones, ranging in capacity from 18,000 to 36,000 BTU.The Fujitsu® warranty is 6 years on the compressor and 2 years on parts. A 5 year labour coverage can be purchased separately.


The Keeprite® Mini-Split is designed to operate quietly. The spaces saving components require non ductwork. Thesecost effective units offer 13 SEER efficiency. The two-stage compressor on select models adjusts to temperature changes which reduce energy costs and maintain comfort.The Comfortmaker technology makes the quiet switch from cooling to heating  during automatic defrost. Keeprite® warranty offers a 5 year on all functional parts.


The Daikin®Super Multi Plus series can be connected up to 8 indoor headswhich offers you more choices. Two new features have been added, the intake and new Aero Spiral Fan blades work together to significantly reduce sound by lowering airflow turbulence. The SUPER MULTI PLUS offers the extended operation range to continue to deliver cooling capabilities even whenthe temperature has dropped to -5�.A 10 years parts and labour coverage can be purchased separately.The warranty is 7 years on the compressor and 5 years on parts.


The Samsung®VIVACE TM is an attractively designed slim-line unit with a mirror finish front panel. The nominal cooling or heat pump heating capacity is 12,000 Btu per hour but the VIVACE Inverter technology enables the unit to modulate its capacity to meet higher or lower loads depending on the room and outdoor temperature. This unit also features Samsung's revolutionary MPI Generator which uses micro plasma technology to silently produce and release Hydrogen Ions into the conditioned air delivered from the unit. Samsung® offers 5 years warranty for the compressor and 3 years on parts.